Jiawan Zhang
Address: A405,55 Building.
Jinnan Campus
Tianjin University
135, Yaguan Rd.
Jinnan Dist. Tianjin, 300350, China
Email: jwzhang at tju dot edu dot cn

I am a full professor, College of Intelligence and Computing, Tianjin University.

Now I lead the Visual Computing Lab, Tianjin University, and Institute of Data Science, Tianjin University. I am now also the director of Tianjin Key Engineering Center of the Conservation and Promotion of Cultural Heritage

My research interests include image synthesis, visualization and visual analysis.

I received my Ph.D. from Dept. of Computer Science, Tianjin University, in 2004. I am now the vice director of the Tianjin Society of Image and Graphics. I also serve(d) for academic events including the general chair or PC co-chair of IEEE PacificVis(2021, 2020), PacificVAST(2016, 2015),CGIV 2009, China CAD&CG 2017, CCF CNCC 2009, VINCI(2013, 2010, 2009), ChinaVis (2015, 2016). I also serve(d) as the program committee member or reviewer for many conferences and journals including IEEE Vis, EuroVis, PacificVis, CVPR, AAAI, IEEE Transactions on Computer Graphics and Visualization, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing.

Professional Activities

Steering Committee

General Chair/Co-Chair
VINCI 2013

Program Chair/Co-chair IEEE CGIV 2009

Program Committee

Awards and Honors

Selected Publications



  Towards Visual Explainable Active Learning for Zero-Shot Classification
Shichao Jia, Zeyu Li, Nuo Chen, Jiawan Zhang:
IEEE Trans. Vis. Comput. Graph. 28(1): 791-801 (2022) .
[Paper(.PDF), 3.12MB]
  BiAttnNet: Bilateral Attention for Improving Real-Time Semantic Segmentation.
Genling Li, Liang Li, Jiawan Zhang
 IEEE Signal Process. Lett. 29: 46-50 (2022) .
[Paper(.PDF), 1.63MB]
  Information-Theoretic Channel for Multi-exposure Image Fusion
Qiaohong Hao, Qi Zhao, Mateu Sbert2, Qinghe Feng, Cosmin Ancuti, Miquel Feixas, Marius Vila, Jiawan Zhang
The Computer Journal (2021) .
[Paper(.PDF), 4.54MB]
  Beyond Brightening Low-light Images
Yonghua Zhang, Xiaojie Guo, Jiayi Ma, Wei Liu, Jiawan Zhang
International Journal of Computer Vision, 2021, 129(4): 1013-1037 .
[Paper(.PDF), 4.54MB]
  We Can Do More to Save Guqin: Design and Evaluate Interactive Systems to Make Guqin More Accessible to the General Public
Minjing Yu, Meng Zhang, Chun Yu, Xiaoguang Ma, Xing-Dong Yang, Jiawan Zhang
Proceedings of the 2021 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. 2021: 1-12 .
[Paper(.PDF), 8.81MB]
  Chinese Character Inpainting with Contextual Semantic Constraints
Jiahao Wang, Gang Pan, Di Sun, Jiawan Zhang
Proceedings of the 29th ACM International Conference on Multimedia. 2021: 1829-1837 .
[Paper(.PDF), 7.04MB]
  SemanticAxis: exploring multi-attribute data by semantic construction and ranking analysis
Zeyu Li, Changhong Zhang, Yi Zhang, Jiawan Zhang
Journal of Visualization, 2021: 1-17 .
[Paper(.PDF), 2.95MB]


  Gaze Information Channel in Van Gogh's Paintings
Qiaohong Hao, Lijing Ma, Mateu Sbert, Miquel Feixas, Jiawan Zhang
Entropy 22(5): 540 (2020) .
[Paper(.PDF), 3.2MB]
  Visualizing surrogate decision trees of convolutional neural networks
Shichao Jia, Peiwen Lin, Zeyu Li, Jiawan Zhang, Shixia Liu
J. Vis. 23(1): 141-156 .
[Paper(.PDF), 6.9MB]
  Galex: Exploring the Evolution and Intersection of Disciplines
Zeyu Li, Changhong Zhang, Shichao Jia, Jiawan Zhang
IEEE Trans. Vis. Comput. Graph. .
[Paper(.PDF), 1.3MB]


  Single image rain removal via a deep decomposition-composition network
Siyuan Li, Wenqi Ren, Jiawan Zhang, Jinke Yu, Xiaojie Guo
Comput. Vis. Image Underst. 186: 48-57 (2019) .
[Paper(.PDF), 3.8MB]
  InSocialNet: Interactive visual analytics for role-event videos
Yaohua Pan, Zhibin Niu, Jing Wu, Jiawan Zhang
Comput. Vis. Media 5(4): 375-390 (2019) .
[Paper(.PDF), 1.9MB]
  Woodblock image decomposition of Chinese new year paintings
Liang Wan, Ye Liu, Haipeng Dai, Wei Feng, Jiawan Zhang
Multim. Tools Appl. 78(6): .
[Paper(.PDF), 5.4MB]
  PFLD: A Practical Facial Landmark Detector
Xiaojie Guo, Siyuan Li, Jiawan Zhang, Jiayi Ma, Lin Ma, Wei Liu, Haibin Ling
CoRR abs/1902.10859 (2019) .
[Paper(.PDF), 20.4MB]
  Single Image Deraining: A Comprehensive Benchmark Analysis
Siyuan Li, Iago Breno Araujo, Wenqi Ren, Zhangyang Wang, Eric K. Tokuda, Roberto Hirata Junior, Roberto Cesar-Junior, Jiawan Zhang, Xiaojie Guo, Xiaochun Cao
CVPR 2019: 3838-3847 .
[Paper(.PDF), 3.0MB]
  End-to-End Partial Convolutions Neural Networks for Dunhuang Grottoes Wall-Painting Restoration
Tianxiu Yu, Cong Lin, Shijie Zhang, Shaodi You, Xiaohong Ding, Jian Wu, Jiawan Zhang
ICCV Workshops 2019: 1447-1455 .
[Paper(.PDF), 2.0MB]
  Interactive Ranking Uncertain Multivariate Ordinal Time Series
Shichao Jia, Jiaqi Wang, Zeyu Li, Jiawan Zhang
VAST 2019: 108-109 .
[Paper(.PDF), 0.71MB]
  Kindling the Darkness: A Practical Low-light Image Enhancer
Yonghua Zhang, Jiawan Zhang, Xiaojie Guo
ACM Multimedia 2019: 1632-1640 .
[Paper(.PDF), 3.8MB]


  Kindling the Darkness: A Practical Low-light Image Enhancer
Yonghua Zhang, Jiawan Zhang, Xiaojie Guo
CoRR abs/1905.04161 (2019) .
[Paper(.PDF), 1.3MB]
  Dynamic Mode Decomposition Based Video Shot Detection
Chongke Bi, Ye Yuan, Jiawan Zhang, Yun Shi, Yiqing Xiang, Yuehuan Wang, Ronghui Zhang
IEEE Access 6: 21397-21407 (2018) .
[Paper(.PDF), 2.1MB]
  A survey on visualization for scientific literature topics
Changhong Zhang, Zeyu Li, Jiawan Zhang
J. Vis. 21(2): 321-335 (2018) .
[Paper(.PDF), 1.9MB]
  M3: visual exploration of spatial relationships between flight trajectories
Hutong Wu, Shicao Jia, Jinsong Wang, Jiawan Zhang
J. Vis. 21(3): 457-470 (2018) .
[Paper(.PDF), 1.3MB]
  On-site immersive visualization and rapid degradation annotation for mural degradation interactive analysis
Jiawan Zhang, Han Tao
J. Vis. 21(5): 841-855 (2018) .
[Paper(.PDF), 3.5MB]
  Spherical Superpixel Segmentation
Qiang Zhao, Feng Dai, Yike Ma, Liang Wan, Jiawan Zhang, Yongdong Zhang
IEEE Trans. Multimedia 20(6): 1406-1417 (2018) .
[Paper(.PDF), 1.3MB]
  Symmetry-Aware Face Completion with Generative Adversarial Networks
Jiawan Zhang, Rui Zhan, Di Sun, Gang Pan
ACCV (4) 2018: 289-304 .
[Paper(.PDF), 3.4MB]
  Visual Analytics for Networked-Guarantee Loans Risk Management
Zhibin Niu, Dawei Cheng, Liqing Zhang, Jiawan Zhang
PacificVis 2018: 160-169 .
[Paper(.PDF), 2.0MB]
  Mural Sketch Generation via Style-aware Convolutional Neural Network
Gang Pan, Di Sun, Rui Zhan, Jiawan Zhang
CGI 2018: 239-245 .
[Paper(.PDF), 12.1MB]
  Structure-Texture Decomposition via Joint Structure Discovery and Texture Smoothing
Xiaojie Guo, Siyuan Li, Liang Li, Jiawan Zhang
ICME 2018: 1-6 .
[Paper(.PDF), 9.0MB]
  Fast Single Image Rain Removal via a Deep Decomposition-Composition Network
Siyuan Li, Wenqi Ren, Jiawan Zhang, Jinke Yu, Xiaojie Guo
CoRR abs/1804.02688 (2018) .
[Paper(.PDF), 3.8MB]
  Co-Saliency Detection via Hierarchical Consistency Measure
Yonghua Zhang, Liang Li, Runmin Cong, Xiaojie Guo, Hui Xu, Jiawan Zhang
ICME 2018: 1-6 .
[Paper(.PDF), 1.3MB]
  Mural2Sketch: A Combined Line Drawing Generation Method for Ancient Mural Painting
Di Sun, Jiawan Zhang, Gang Panl, Rui Zhan
ICME 2018: 1-6 .
[Paper(.PDF), 7.9MB]
  Soft Clustering Guided Image Smoothing
Liang Li, Xiaojie Guo, Wei Feng, Jiawan Zhang
ICME 2018: 1-6.
[Paper(.PDF), 8.6MB]


  Automatic Generation of Grounded Visual Questions
Shijie Zhang, Lizhen Qu, Shaodi You, Zhenglu Yang, Jiawan Zhang
IJCAI-17 (Proceedings of the Twenty-Sixth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence).
[Paper(.PDF), 1.3MB]
A visual analytics approach for flood risk analysis and decision-making in cultural heritage
Huibin Li, Jiawan Zhang, Jizhou Sun, Jindong Wang
J. Vis. Lang. Comput. 41: 89-99 (2017).
[Paper(.PDF), 3.3MB]
Improved visual correlation analysis for multidimensional data
Yi Zhang, Teng Liu, Kefei Li, Jiawan Zhang
J. Vis. Lang. Comput. 41: 121-132 (2017).
[Paper(.PDF), 7.0 MB]
Efficient low rank matrix approximation via orthogonality pursuit and ℓ2 regularization
Siyuan Li, Jiawan Zhang, Xiaojie Guo
ICME 2017: 871-876.
[Paper(.PDF), 0.45MB]


  MatchOrchestra: a generalized visual analytics for competitive team sports
Wentao Wang, Jiawan Zhang, Xiaoru Yuan, and Shixia Liu
Journal of Visualization 19(3):1-14 · January 2016. DOI: 10.1007/s12650-015-0337-3.
[Paper(.PDF), 2.1MB]
Interactive Visual Discovering of Movement Patterns from Sparsely Sampled Geo-tagged Social Media Data
Siming Chen, Xiaoru Yuan, Zhenhuang Wang, Cong Guo, Jie Liang, Zuchao Wang, Xiaolong (Luke) Zhang and Jiawan Zhang
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (IEEE VAST'15), 22(1): 270-279,2016.
[Paper(.PDF), 12.2MB][Video(.MP4), 37.8MB][Talk Slides(.PPTX), 57.4MB]
A text visualization method for cross-domain research topic mining
Xinyi Jiang, Jiawan Zhang
J. Visualization 19(3): 561-576 (2016).
[Paper(.PDF), 1.8MB]
Visual analysis method for cultural heritage site risk assessment
Kun Qian, Jizhou Sun, Hui Chen, Jiawan Zhang
J. Visualization 19(3): 503-514 (2016).
[Paper(.PDF), 2.3 MB]
A visual analytics approach for deterioration risk analysis of ancient frescoes
Huibin Li, Jiawan Zhang, Jizhou Sun
J. Visualization 19(3): 529-542 (2016).
[Paper(.PDF), 2.3 MB]
Spherical superpixel segmentation
Qiang Zhao, Liang Wan, Jiawan Zhang
ICME 2016: 1-6.
[Paper(.PDF), 9.5MB]
Visual data deblocking using structural layer priors
Siyuan Li, Jiawan Zhang, Xiaojie Guo
ICME 2016: 1-6.
[Paper(.PDF), 10MB]


Accelerating Spectral Calculation through Hybrid GPU-Based Computing
Jian Xiao, Xingyu Xu, Ce Yu, Jiawan Zhang, Shuinai Zhang, Li Ji, Jizhou Sun
ICPP 2015: 41-50.
[Paper(.PDF), 0.63 MB].
SPHORB: A Fast and Robust Binary Feature on the Sphere
Qiang Zhao, Wei Feng, Liang Wan, Jiawan Zhang
International Journal of Computer Vision 113(2): 143-159 (2015).
[Paper(.PDF), 7.2MB].


Reflectance scanning: estimating shading frame and BRDF with generalized linear light sources
Guojun Chen, Yue Dong, Pieter Peers, Jiawan Zhang, Xin Tong
ACM Trans. on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH 2014), 33, 4
[Paper(.PDF), 136 MB][Video(.MOV), 91.6MB], [Talk Slides(.PPTX), 147.8MB]
Appearance-from-motion: recovering spatially varying surface reflectance under unknown lighting
Yue Dong, Guojun Chen, Pieter Peers, Jiawan Zhang, Xin Tong
ACM Trans. on Graphics(Proc. SIGGRAPH ASIA), 33(6): 193:1-193:12 (2014) [Paper(.PDF), 112 MB][Video(.MOV), 92.5 MB], [Talk Slides(.PPTX), 85.7MB]
Visual Analysis of Public Utility Service Problems in a Metropolis
Jiawan Zhang, E. Yanli, Jing Ma, Yahui Zhao, Binghan Xu, Liting Sun, Jinyan Chen, Xiaoru Yuan
IEEE Trans. on Visualization and Computer Graphics(IEEE VAST'14), 20(12): 1843-1852 (2014).
[Papers(.PDF), 2.4MB]
Contrast enhancement based single image dehazing VIA TV-l1 minimization
Liang Li, Wei Feng, Jiawan Zhang
ICME 2014: 1-6
[Papers(.PDF), 1.7MB]
Bag of squares: A reliable model of measuring superpixel similarity
Shijie Zhang, Wei Feng, Jiawan Zhang, Chi-Man Pun
ICME 2014: 1-6
[Papers(.PDF), 1.7MB]
Cube2Video: Navigate Between Cubic Panoramas in Real-Time
Qiang Zhao, Liang Wan, Wei Feng, Jiawan Zhang, Tien-Tsin Wong
IEEE Trans. Multimedia 15(8): 1745-1754 (2013)
[Papers(.PDF), 1.7MB]


Vis4Heritage: Visual Analytics Approach on Grotto Wall Painting Degradations
Jiawan Zhang, Kai Kang, Dajian Liu, Ye Yuan, E. Yanli
IEEE Trans. Vis. Comput. Graph.(IEEE VAST'13) 19(12): 1982-1991 (2013)
[Paper(.PDF), 2.3MB]
Maximum Cohesive Grid of Superpixels for Fast Object Localization
Liang Li, Wei Feng, Liang Wan, Jiawan Zhang
CVPR 2013: 3174-3181.
[Paper(.PDF), 1.9MB]
A computational fresco sketch generation framework
Jianing He, Shan Wang, Yi Zhang, Jiawan Zhang
ICME 2013: 1-6.
[Paper(.PDF), 2.5MB]
An adaptive-weight hybrid relevance feedback approach for content based image retrieval
Yi Zhang, Wenbo Li, Zhipeng Mo, Tianhao Zhao, Jiawan Zhang
ICIP 2013: 3977-3981.
[Paper(.PDF), 0.7MB]
Recognition of calligraphy style based on global feature descriptor
Yi Zhang, Yanbin Liu, Jianing He, Jiawan Zhang
ICME 2013: 1-6.
[Paper(.PDF), 2.5MB]


Real-time rendering of deformable heterogeneous translucent objects using multiresolution splatting
Guojun Chen, Pieter Peers, Jiawan Zhang, Xin Tong
The Visual Computer (Computer Graphics International), 28(6-8): 701-711 (2012)
[Paper(.PDF), 1.7MB]
StoryWizard: a framework for fast stylized story illustration.
Jiawan Zhang, Yukun Hao, Liang Li, Di Sun, Li Yuan
The Visual Computer (Computer Graphics International), 28(6-8): 877-887 (2012)
[Paper(.PDF), 1.8MB]
Scalable image co-segmentation using color and covariance features
Shijie Zhang, Wei Feng, Liang Wan, Jiawan Zhang, Jianmin Jiang
ICPR 2012: 3708-3711
[Paper(.PDF), 0.5MB]


Video dehazing with spatial and temporal coherence
Jiawan Zhang, Liang Li, Yi Zhang, Guoqiang Yang, Xiaochun Cao, Jizhou Sun
The Visual Computer (Computer Graphics International), 27(6-8): 749-757 (2011).
[Paper(.PDF), 2.3MB]
Video motion estimation with temporal coherence
Liang Li, Wei Feng, Jiawan Zhang, Jianmin Jiang
ACM VRCAI 2011: 315-320.
[Paper(.PDF), 2 MB]
Multispectral Image Matting of Ancient Chinese Paintings
Jiawan Zhang, Yi Zhang, Shengping Zhang, Lixia Yan, Jinyan Chen:
Eurographics 2011: 9-15.
[Paper(.PDF), 2 MB]


       Local albedo-insensitive single image dehazing
Jiawan Zhang, Liang Li, Guoqiang Yang, Yi Zhang, Jizhou Sun
The Visual Computer(Computer Graphics International), 26(6-8): 761-768 (2010)
[Paper(.PDF), 1.8MB]
A new concentric-circle visualization of multi-dimensional data and its application in network security
Liang Fu Lu, Jiawan Zhang, Mao Lin Huang, Lei Fu
J. Vis. Lang. Comput. 21(4): 194-208 (2010).
[Paper(.PDF), 1.5MB]


Improvements of Juang 's Password-Authenticated Key Agreement Scheme Using Smart Cards
Da-Zhi Sun, Jin-Peng Huai, Jizhou Sun, Jian-Xin Li, Jiawan Zhang, Zhiyong Feng
IEEE Trans. Industrial Electronics 56(6): 2284-2291 (2009).
[Paper(.PDF), 0.2 MB]
MIFT: A Mirror Reflection Invariant Feature Descriptor
Xiaojie Guo, Xiaochun Cao, Jiawan Zhang, Xuewei Li
ACCV (2) 2009: 536-545.
[Paper(.PDF), 3.8 MB]
Detecting photographic composites using shadows
Wei Zhang, Xiaochun Cao, Jiawan Zhang, Jigui Zhu, Ping Wang
ICME 2009: 1042-1045.
[Paper(.PDF), 3.8 MB]
Detecting photographic composites using two-view geometrical constraints
Wei Zhang, Xiaochun Cao, Zhiyong Feng, Jiawan Zhang, Ping Wang
ICME 2009: 1078-1081.
[Paper(.PDF), 1.4 MB]
Skeletal Texture Synthesis
Pan Gang, Jiawan Zhang, Xiaozhou Zhou, Jizhou Sun
2009 Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization(CGIV): 18-23 .
[Paper(.PDF), 8.1 MB]
A Locatable Zero Watermarking Scheme and Visualization for 3D Mesh Models
Jiawan Zhang, Pan Gang, Jiang Chen, Xiaozhou Zhou
2009 Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization(CGIV): 510-515 .
[Paper(.PDF), 0.65 MB]
TreemapBar: Visualizing Additional Dimensions of Data in Bar Chart
Mao Lin Huang, Tze-Haw Huang, Jiawan Zhang
International Conference on Information Visualisation(IV) 2009: 98-103.
[Paper(.PDF), 0.7 MB]
A Novel Visualization Method for Detecting DDoS Network Attacks
Jiawan Zhang, Guoqiang Yang, Liang Fu Lu, Mao Lin Huang, Ming Che
The 2009 Visual Information Communications International (VINCI'09): 185-194.
[Paper(.PDF), 0.13 MB]


A new design of wearable token system for mobile device security
Da-Zhi Sun, Jin-Peng Huai, Jizhou Sun, Jiawan Zhang, Zhiyong Feng
IEEE Trans. Consumer Electronics 54(4): 1784-1789 (2008).
[Paper(.PDF), 0.5 MB]


Computational efficiency analysis of Wu et al.'s fast modular multi-exponentiation algorithm
Da-Zhi Sun, Jin-Peng Huai, Ji-Zhou Sun, Jia-Wan Zhang
Applied Mathematics and Computation 190(2): 1848-1854 (2007).
[Paper(.PDF), 0.5 MB]
Texture Advection Based Simulation of Dynamic Cloud Scene
Shiguang Liu, Ruoguan Huang, Zhangye Wang, Qunsheng Peng, Jiawan Zhang, Jizhou Sun
CAD/Graphics 2007: 144-149.
[Paper(.PDF), 0.5 MB]
Rendering of Translucent Objects Based Upon PRT Techniques
Jiawan Zhang, Yang Gao, Jizhou Sun, Zhou Jin
2007 International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications(ICCSA):1056-1065p
[Paper(.PDF), 0.72 MB]


Improved Boundary and Silhouette Enhancement in Volume Illustration
Qianqian Han, Yang Gao, Jizhou Sun, Jiawan Zhang
2005 Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization(CGIV): 73-78.
[Paper(.PDF), 0.15 MB]
Accelerating Footprint Method Based on Comparability of Consecutive Image Slices
Jianxun Zhang, Jiawan Zhang, Jizhou Sun
2005 Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization(CGIV): 123-126 .
[Paper(.PDF), 0.15 MB]
A Novel Medical Image Registration Method Based on Mutual Information and Genetic Algorithm
Hongying Zhang, Xiaozhou Zhou, Jizhou Sun, Jiawan Zhang
2005 Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization(CGIV): 221-226 .
[Paper(.PDF), 0.15 MB]
Survey of Parallel and Distributed Volume Rendering: Revisited
Jiawan Zhang, Jizhou Sun, Zhou Jin, Yi Zhang, Qi Zhai
2005 International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications(ICCSA): 435-444.
[Paper(.PDF), 0.4 MB]


A Parallel Volume Splatting Algorithm Based on PC-Clusters
Jiawan Zhang, Jizhou Sun, Yi Zhang, Qianqian Han, Zhou Jin
2004 International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications(ICCSA): 272-279 .
[Paper(.PDF), 0.4 MB]


Time-Sequence Dynamic Virtual Images
Zhanwei Li, Jizhou Sun, Jiawan Zhang
Computer Graphics International 2003: 236-239.
[Paper(.PDF), 0.4 MB]
Accelerate Volume Splatting by Using Run Length Encoding
Jiawan Zhang, Jizhou Sun, Sun Zhigang
2003 International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS): 907-914 .
[Paper(.PDF), 0.3 MB]
Moment Based Transfer Function Design for Volume Rendering
Jiawan Zhang, Jizhou Sun, Zhigang Sun, Zunce Wei
ICCSA (3) 2003: 266-274.
[Paper(.PDF), 0.3 MB]
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