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[Hello, Tianjin] Yu Mengjie: to fall in love at first sight

09/13/2021 14:37

Editor’s note: "To know and get connected with the city where you go to college will provide you with more city experience and cultural experience that are indispensable to your life. It not only opens your eyes to the outside world, enriches your life and interests, but also helps shape human being’s most noble spirit, that is, the sense of social responsibility," Prof. Feng Jicai, a renowned writer and cultural scholar in China, once said. Tianjin University launched a campaign among the Class of 2025, encouraging them to know Tianjin and love Tianjin, the city they are going to spend at least four most precious years of their life. Our homepage will cover a series of stories telling Tianjin in new comers' eyes.

Hello, Tianjin!

I fell in love with Tianjin at the first sight. One day in August 2021, I took a fantastic train across three provinces to Tianjin, a place I had longed for.

As soon as I entered the city, I saw tall buildings closely arranged one after another. After getting off the train, I shouted from the bottom of my heart: "Tianjin, I have come!" In the following city tour, we appreciated foreign customs and experienced different cultural flavors on Five Great Avenues; we admired the Tientsin Eye ferris wheel across the Hai River; and we listened to Chinese traditional cross talks and ate Tianjin buns in the food street. Tianjin, the city I have always yearned for, has a city style that combines East and West, ancient and modern, and that's how I fell in love with her.

Yu Mengjie sets off for TJU.

The Tientsin Eye ferris wheel

The city has not only a beautiful landscape, but also a long history. The reason why there are foreign style buildings here is that it used to be a concession and has a humiliating history. Fortunately, many heroes emerged here who had dedicated themselves to the country, such as Mr. Zhao Tianlin and comrade Li Dazhao, among others. They shed their blood and sacrificed their lives for the revival of the nation and the prosperity of the country. We came to Tianjin, and as a member of Tianjin University, we should follow the footsteps of our heroes and serve the people, revitalize China and strive for the happiness of the people.

I crossed three provinces in the passionate August, just to meet Tianjin. I would like to grow up with Tianjin over the next four years.

(Yu Mengjie, '25, the College of Intelligence and Computing)

Translated by Pu Peiyang

Editor: Eva Yin


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