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Tianjin University volunteer students beautify countryside with wall paintings

07/27/2021 13:52

A voluntary group composed of teachers and students from Tianjin University decorated Tanchang county in Gansu province by painting walls covering an area of hundreds of square meters.

The wall paintings mainly followed the themes of rural, industrial, and ecological revitalization, which was agreed upon by the county in prior communications.

"Our volunteers have been designing the contents of the paintings since June. They learned about the county's representative industries beforehand and then included local products like Sichuan pepper, noodles, mushrooms and Chinese medicinal herbs into their paintings,”said Li Xia, a TJU official in charge of the university's summer volunteer programs.

Wang Runyan, an undergraduate majoring in animation felt quite excited to use what she has learnt to improve the culture and environment of the countryside.

"In Chela town of Tanchang county, together with my team members, we have painted 12 walls. Each wall took five to six hours to paint on average. But it was well worth the effort!”Wang said.

Tianjin University has paired up with Tanchang county in poverty alleviation and rural vitalization over many years. For both summer and winter vacations, the university organizes voluntary groups to carry out activities like voluntary teaching or cultural activities in Tanchang country.

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