Automatically unrolling decorations painted on 3D pottery

Ye Liu        Bo Zhang       Liang Wan       

Computer Graphics International Conference Article No. 37 ,

3D model

cylinder unrolling

piecewise sylinder unrolling

our method



Drawing pottery plays an important role in reporting archaeological findings. In addition to showing the form of a pot, it is essential to show decorations around the pot's body by means of 2D drawing. However, the traditional way of drawing pottery decorations in 2D plane involves intensive manual labors and rich specialist skills. For archaeological specialists, one major difficulty lies in manually unrolling pottery decorations from 3D surface to 2D plane with less distortions. In this paper, we address this problem by proposing an automatic method to unroll decorations on 3D pottery vessels into 2D planar space. As the first attempt to this problem, our approach considers the decoration appearance and utilizes geometry approximation to achieve piecewise unrolling. We validate our approach with different examples. As demonstrated in experimental results, our approach is simple to use, and is effective to generate unrolled 2D decorations.



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