Tianjin University volunteer students beautify countryside with wall paintings

  • [Hello, Tianjin] Yu Mengjie: to fall in love at first sight

    Editor’s note: "To know and get connected with the city where you go to college will provide you with more city experience and cultural experience that are indispensable to your life. It not only opens your eyes to the outside world, enriches your life and interests, but also helps shape human being’s most noble spirit, that is, the sense of social responsibility," Prof. Feng Jicai, a renowne...

  • Tianjin University volunteer students beautify countryside with wall paintings

    A voluntary group composed of teachers and students from Tianjin University decorated Tanchang county in Gansu province by painting walls covering an area of hundreds of square meters.The wall paintings mainly followed the themes of rural, industrial, and ecological revitalization, which was agreed upon by the county in prior communications."Our volunteers have been designing the contents of th...

  • 'Paw’ patrol moment could arrive earlier for China than US: expert

    A robo-dog is seen crouching on the ground. Photo: GT/Chu DayeCost factors could put China one step ahead of the US in the mass commercialization of multi-legged bionic robots, a senior expert in the field told the Global Times on Tuesday.Multi-legged robots have gained increasing market attention in China as products similar to US-based Boston Dynamics' quadruped canine-inspired robot begin to...



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