Associate Professor

Rao GuoZheng

05/30/2019 10:20

Name:Rao GuoZheng

Professional Title:Associate Professor                    

Department:Department of Computer and Information Technology, School of Computer Science and Technology, College of Intelligence and Computing       

Main courses:Software Engineering            

Tutor type:Master Advisor                                 

Research field:Data Science, Health Informatics, Knowledge Graph           

Research Interests:Big data processing

Selected Projects:

1) 2016/01-2017/06, Reliability Test and Big Data Analysis of the Mobile Culture Public Service Platform. Fund from an Enterprise, PI.

2) 2014/01-2017/12, Research on Key Technology for User Intent based Semantic Big Data Processing. National Natur

Biomedical information processing.

1) 2018/01-2019/12 Research on the transformation and reuse of large-scale medical semantic association data

Software Engineering

Selected Projects:

1) 2015/10-2016/08, Research on Process Reliability Modeling and Reliability Evaluation Method. Fund from an Enterprise, PI.

2) 2014/11-2014/12, Research on Reliability Evaluation Method of Performance Degradation. Fund from an Enterprise, PI. 

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