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General Introduction to the Master Program of Software Engineering

08/01/2019 17:01

Training program for Engineering Master Degree (full time) of Software Engineering

First Level Discipline: Software Engineering
Major Name: Software Engineering
Major Number: 085212
College of Intelligence and Computing

1. Introduction to Major

The Software Engineering major has been developed to cover software engineering, graphics and image processing, data mining, computer operating system, computer network, information security and other research directions, with the aim to cultivate the advanced software development and design talents who can combine multi disciplines of the software engineering frontier technology. The students are trained to are able to use the theory, method and engineering experience of software engineering jointly to solve the problems of software engineering in cross disciplines.

2. Objectives

The major is objected to cultivate talents with global vision, innovative spirit and practical ability with solid professional knowledge. School of Computer Software of Tianjin University makes use of superior resources, advanced teaching ideas, rich teaching resources, technology research resources and application implementation experience to teach the leading software engineering technology, and cultivate senior personnel who are urgently needed by software industry. In this field, students need to master the latest technologies of modern software engineering and the knowledge in related fields. On the basis of the study of modern software engineering and other professional courses, this training program will cultivate students' ability to analyze and solve complex software engineering and train students to master the knowledge and professional skills in software engineering deeply, through enterprise level practice, through the actual project exercise.

3. Duration

This training program adopts the combination of school studying, scientific research training and engineering projects training, under dual-tutor system of supervisors on and off campus.

General study duration is 2.5 years.

4. Compulsory Training Procedures

Materials such as reports and results signed by supervisors must be submitted for compulsory training procedures such as frontier lectures, article reading and report, proposal for final thesis, group meeting report, mid-term assessment, professional practice, etc., The proposal for final thesis and group meetings need to submit meeting minutes with Attendees, meeting contents. Other research achievements required by the supervisor shall be submitted too.

5. Graduation Paper and Thesis requirements
The relevant requirements of the final degree thesis shall be in accordance with the requirements of Tianjin University master and doctoral degree work implementation documents. Besides the final degree thesis, master students should publish journal or conference papers and meet the requirements of Tianjin University Degree Committee fifteenth sub-committee before they are awarded degree.

6. Courses and Credits
Total credit needed shall be no less than 36 credits, among which 25 credits from courses learning and 11 credits from compulsory training procedures.
Curriculum Structure
Note: The curriculum is for reference only. Course details are to be determined each semester.



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