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AIOT Research Institute Established

09/07/2020 16:02

On August 26, Tianjin University-UniCloud AIOT Industrial Innovation Research Institute (AIOT Research Institute) was jointly established by Tianjin University and Unicloud Technology Co., Ltd. Jin Donghan, President of Tianjin University and Wu Jian, Vice Chairman of Tsinghua Unigroup and Chairman and CEO of UniCloud Technology Co., Ltd., attended the unveiling ceremony held on Tianjin University’s Weijin Road campus.

Communication Technology, Artificial Intelligence Technology, Integrated Circuits, Computing Capacity, Big Data and IoT have become the main driving force and competitiveness for city development in the Age of Intelligence. In recent years, Tianjin Municipal Government has attached great importance to smart technology industry for promoting high-quality economic development. By building this AIOT Research Institute, both parties hope to jointly promote the in-depth integration of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing and other technologies in Tianjin with various industries, so as to help accelerate the development of Tianjin's smart technology industry.

 “Located in Tianjin, Tianjin University and UniCloud strive to push forward the frontier development of information technology in China and the world. The establishment of AIOT Research Institute has far-reaching significance since it offers a new opportunity to carry out in-depth scientific research, technological exploration and talents training in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud Infrastructure, etc.” President Jin said at the ceremony.

UniCloud CEO Wu Jian also delivered a speech, “It’s a perfect match for the two sides to build the institute. We will provide cloud platform services to Tianjin University’s College of Intelligence and Computing, promoting the upgrading and transformation of operational capabilities. In future, we hope to create a solid digital cloud base for industries and smart cities, and provide cloud services to more schools."  

The main research direction of AIOT Research Institute is Smart City and Industrial Internet. Based on the concept of integrating resources and employing complementary advantages, both parties will jointly develop technologies in IoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence, and conduct demand exploration and application development in the fields of smart government affairs, smart transportation, and Industrial Internet. Both parties will endeavor to transform the scientific research results in the university into productivity that can stimulate economic development while enhancing the innovation ability and technological level of UniCloud. It is also a good practice to promote the industry-university-research cooperation by combining Tianjin University’s strong faculty and high-tech talent team with UniCloud’s technological research and development capabilities and industry information development advantages.

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