Scribble-based Gradient Mesh Recoloring

Liang Wan       Yi Xiao       Ning Dou       Chi-Sing Leung       Yu-Kun Lai

Multimedia Tools and Applications, pp. 1-19,2017

From (a) to (d) displays the recolored result with ε = 1, 2, 3, 5,respectly



Previous gradient mesh recoloring methods usually have dependencies on an additional reference image and the rasterized gradient mesh. To circumvent such dependencies, we propose a user scribble-based recoloring method, in which users are allowed to annotate gradient meshes with a few color scribbles. Our approach builds an auxiliary mesh from gradient meshes, namely control net, by taking both colors and local color gradients at mesh points into account. We then develop an extended chrominance blending method to propagate the user specified colors over the control net. The recolored gradient mesh is finally reconstructed from the recolored control net. Experiments validate the effectiveness of our approach on multiple gradient meshes. Compared with various alternative solutions, our method has no color bleedings nor sampling artifacts, and can achieve fast performance.



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