Image-Guided Human Reconstruction via Multi-Scale Graph Transformation Networks


Kun Li 1, Hao Wen† 1, Qiao Feng† 1, Yuxiang Zhang2, Xiongzheng Li1, Jing Huang1, Cunkuan Yuan1, Yu-Kun Lai 3, Yebin Liu2

1 Tianjin University   2 Tsinghua University   3 Cardiff University  

Equal contribution



3D human reconstruction from a single image is a challenging problem. Existing methods have difficulties to infer 3D clothed human models with consistent topologies for various poses. In this paper, we propose an efficient and effective method using a hierarchical graph transformation network. To deal with large deformations and avoid distorted geometries, rather than using Euclidean coordinates directly, 3D human shapes are represented by a vertex-based deformation representation that effectively encodes the deformation and copes well with large deformations. To infer a 3D human mesh consistent with the input real image, we also use a perspective projection layer to incorporate perceptual image features into the deformation representation. Our model is easy to train and fast to converge with short test time. Besides, we present the D2Human (Dynamic Detailed Human) dataset, including variously posed 3D human meshes with consistent topologies and rich geometry details, together with the captured color images and SMPL parameters, which is useful for training and evaluation of deep frameworks, particularly for graph neural networks. Experimental results demonstrate that our method achieves more plausible and complete 3D human reconstruction from a single image, compared with several state-of-the-art methods.


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Fig 1. Overview of our framework.







Fig 2. Reconstruction results on D2Human dataset.




Fig 3. Reconstruction results on LSP dataset.


Technical Paper



Kun Li, Hao Wen, Qiao Feng, Yuxiang Zhang, Xiongzheng Li, Jing Huang, Cunkuan Yuan, Yu-Kun Lai, Yebin Liu. "Image-Guided Human Reconstruction via Multi-Scale Graph Transformation Networks". IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2021


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