Ruonan Liu

Associate Professor

Lab of Machine Learning and Data Mining

School of Artificial Intelligence

Tianjin University


Hi all, I am Ruonan Liu, currently an associate professor in School of Artificial Intelligence, Tianjin University.

My research focuses on machine learning algorithms development, meta-learning for few-shot problem, multi-granularity computing and uncertainty modeling for big data analytics, fault diagnosis and remaining useful life prediction in Intelligent manufacturing.

If you are ambitious students with dreams, join us! Let’s do something useful for this world. I believe the potential in each individual is infinite!

Call for master students!Hope you are hardworking and purposeful, basic programming and mathematic foundations are also needed. Interested parties please contact me: ruonan.liu@tju.edu.cn.

Research areas:

· Machine Learning
· Meta-learning for few-shot problem
· Multi-granularity computation
· Large-scale classification and uncertainty modeling in big data