Intrinsic Image Decomposition With Sparse and Non-local Priors

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This paper proposes an new intrinsic decomposition method that decomposing a single RGB-D image into reflectance and shading components. We observe and verify that, shading image mainly contains smooth regions separated by curves, and its gradient distribution is sparse. We therefore use L1-norm to model the direct irradiance component--the main sub-component extracted from shading component. Moreover, non-local prior weighted by a bilateral kernel on a larger neighborhood is designed to fully exploit structural correlation in the reflectance component to improve the decomposition performance. The model is solved by the alternating direction method under the augmented Lagrangian multiplier (ADM-ALM) framework. Experimental results on both synthetic and real datasets demonstrate that the proposed method yields better results and enjoys lower complexity compared with the state-of-the-art methods.


Keywords: Intrinsic decomposition, RGB-D, sparse, non-local



Fig. 1. Results on one image from MPI-Sintel dataset: (a) input RGB image and depth map, (b) results of [8], (c) results of [15], and (d) our results.



Source code

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Evaluation on NYU Datasets

Fig. 2. Results on one image from NYU dataset: (a) input RGB image and depth map, (b) results of [8], (c) results of [15], and (d) our results..

Fig. 3. Results on one image from NYU dataset: (a) input RGB image and depth map, (b) results of [8], (c) results of [15], and (d) our results..


Evaluation on MPI-Sintel Datasets

Table 1 : Quantitative evaluation on MPI-Sintel dataset.

Table 2 : Quantitative evaluation on noisy MPI-Sintel dataset.


Running time

Table 3 : Comparison of running times.


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